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Bucky Motter

Bucky Motter

Bucky has been teaching guitar since age 18. Currently he is known for his work with students studying a variety of styles: acoustic slide, fingerstyle, pop, blues, folk, rock, and songwriting. Bucky teaches all ages.

The last Saturday of every month Motter hosts a get-together in his home for students of all levels. The get-together is a place for jamming, workshopping, and for songwriters of all levels to play new songs before they perform them at open mics or gigs. It's a convivial, fun and supportive place to play.

Bucky's annual Masterclasses engender a sense of camaraderie among his students. Songwriters and performers as well as recreational players mix in a relaxed and informal environment. Professional guest musicians listen to his students perform and give them positive feedback. Guests also share their own music.

Guest musicians at his Masterclasses have included national acts such as John McCutcheon, Amy Ray, Emily Saliers, Michelle Malone, and Girlyman, as well as local favorites such as Sam McPherson and DeDe Vogt.

His solo career has led his to open for international acts such as B. B. King, Indigo Girls, Girlyman, Tuck & Patti, and Louden Wainwright III.

Bucky has three recordings available, all of which have received wide critical acclaim. His most recent release is The Truth and his albums Outta Control and Pleasure and Pain are recorded under his previous moniker, Angela Motter. Motter's music is available on Apple Music and all other streaming services.   

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Contacting Bucky Motter

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