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Sell - Trade - Consign

We are often asked whether we purchase guitars, accept trades, or accept guitars on consignment.  The short answer is, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  In addition to procuring outstanding new guitars, we are always on the lookout for quality used instruments and gear.  So, if you have something that you think might be of interest, we welcome you to contact us anytime to discuss your options or to arrange an appointment for us to evaluate your gear.  We are admittedly very selective in the course of our evaluations, as we seek only that which we can unreservedly recommend.  Subsequently, there are instances where we cannot accept an instrument; and, due to the costs we incur in preparing our stock for sale, we are usually not interested in entry-level products. However, even in these instances, we will gladly take the time to determine the fair current market value of your gear and advise you on your options.  

Otherwise, customers who wish to sell, trade or consign their instruments should be aware that there are significant costs involved in re-selling their instruments: It takes time, effort and expense to recondition, repair, photograph, advertise and present the instrument for sale.  These costs determine the values of our transactions when purchasing, trading or consigning gear.  Even so, you can rest assured that the pricing we determine in each instance is based upon genuine effort to be fair to both parties involved. Along that line, and in keeping with our practice of candor, we have provided some general information below about our approach to purchasing, trading, and consignment, along with their respective policies. First, here are a couple of general policies that globally apply:

  • We cannot make any firm offer to purchase, consign, or accept a piece of gear in trade without the opportunity to evaluate it in hand. Even so, we are always happy to provide general estimates remotely, with the understanding that these estimates do not represent any commitment on our part.
  • Payment is only issued in the form of a check.


Selling Us Your Gear

If you are not interested in a trade, selling to us directly is always the fastest method of capitalizing on the value of your used gear.  However, we are a business, not an end-user, so we can only offer wholesale values on anything that we purchase.  Subsequently, as a general rule, a wholesale offer will be less than any offer we would make on a trade or what a consignment might yield.   

  • Whenever we purchase a guitar, we prefer to have a bill of sale or proof of ownership.
  • In creating a bill of sale, we require photo ID, along with current address and contact information.
  • We generally do not purchase gear that is a one-off, homemade, or replica.
  • We generally do not purchase non-functioning items. 



In our business, trading is common. If you have an under-utilized guitar, or perhaps an amp or pedal that just wasn’t the right choice, that can help you get closer to a piece of gear that you will use and love, then why not trade it and move on?!  As a general rule, trading your instrument will net you more than a wholesale offer (i.e., a direct sale to us), but less than the return that you might expect from a consignment.  Typically, trade-ins are valued anywhere between 50 – 70% of the average used market price. This valuation will vary, depending on the condition of the instrument and its market appeal.

  • We do accept long-distance trades on a conditional basis. We must evaluate every potential trade first-hand before we can determine if we can accept it and, if so, what its value would be in trade.  Please be aware that, in the event that we decline the trade, the owner will be responsible for all shipping charges.
  • We will take a negotiated trade that results in a refund. In these instances, payment will be issued in the form of a check.
  • We do accept trades against special orders. However, in these instances, we generally recommend that customers consign their gear instead, as there is generally ample opportunity for a sale before a special order is delivered.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept trade-ins against a layaway.
  • We will reverse/undo a transaction involving a trade at our sole discretion. In any such instance, we may deduct preparation and or repair costs or restocking fees from the original value of the trade.



If you are not in a hurry to sell your gear, or generally you are disinclined to go through the rigmarole of conducting transactions with buyers directly, a consignment is the best way of maximizing your return. Following an in-hand evaluation of the gear, we will determine a fair market selling range and also provide you with an estimate for any preparation or repairs necessary to put the consignment in best show condition. In some instances, we might also make an offer to purchase a consignment outright—this can be an attractive option, especially in the case of less valuable consignments, where preparation costs may be relatively high compared to the return on the guitar. Regardless, should you entrust your consignment with us, you can rest assured that it will receive the same care and attention that we dedicate to all of our own stock while we actively work to sell it with your best interests in mind.  

  • As used market values can fluctuate, we always establish a mutually agreed upon price range for any given consignment—this range is usually between 5-10%. We will never sell the consignment for less than the lowest agreed upon price unless: the owner gives written authorization/asks us to lower the price (in which case a revised consignment agreement will be issued), or unless we decide to accept less on our end.
  • Our consignment fee is 25% of the final selling price. We do bill additionally for any costs incurred in preparing the item for sale (e.g., setup work, strings, structural repairs, cosmetic conditioning). These costs are deducted from the owner’s proceeds when payment is issued.  In the event that the owner reclaims a consignment, any preparation and/or repair costs will be billed at that time.
  • Due to the investment of time associated with preparation and listing, we do not accept consignments with a street value less than $1000.
  • We require a minimum 90-day period of exclusivity with any consignment. Should a consignment be reclaimed prior to this period, a $150 preparation and listing fee will be assessed in addition to any repair costs.
  • Sale proceeds are paid by check after the 48-hour approval period allowed on any major sale has ended, at which point we consider the sale final.
  • It can take time for items to sell, particularly if they are high-value, exist in a niche market, or if their make is not widely recognized. Thus, we always counsel patience! There is no time limit/expiration for any consignment, and there will never be any pressure from us to lower pricing (we will only do so if prompted by the owner, in which case a new consignment agreement will be generated).