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2020 Bobcat V90 in Cherry Red

2020 Bobcat V90 in Cherry Red


“The VOX Bobcat and Lynx semi-hollow body guitars were produced in Italy during the mid-1960s. They featured unusual pickup configurations and a distinct look, which we have revived in the new Bobcat V90 and S66. As befitting their revival, we have kept the historic design of these guitars unchanged, but brought them up to date by improving their playability, controlling acoustic feedback, and raising the performance of the pickups.

The Bobcat V90 is a semi-hollow body guitar that features soapbar pickups. It has a vintage-inspired design that mostly stays true to the original Italian-made Lynx guitar, but features some modern improvements.

Carrying on the original design-The pickguard and pickup are based on the design of the original VOX Bobcat, and use plastic of the same hue. The knobs are also made of aluminum as used on the original guitars. The headstock logo reproduces the vertical orientation of the original, projecting the same retro/vintage feel as the models of the 1960s. 

Improved playability-The neck joint uses a set neck method that makes it easy to play even on the higher frets. The fixed Tune-o-matic bridge allows the optimal neck angle for easy playing, significantly improving the playability when compared to the original. 

Semi-hollow structure that suppresses acoustic feedback even during high-volume performance-The semi-hollow body structure uses a weight-relieved center block, increasing sustain while being resistant to feedback even at high volume levels. 

New pickups with a retro sound and appearance-The pickups in the Bobcat are modeled after the original Italian-made pickups, but with some improvements in the voicing. The Bobcat V90 is equipped with soapbar pickups. These use Strat-type pole magnets, and are notable for their bright and punchy sound that is absent on previous semi-hollow guitars. 

Open-gear tuning heads made by Grover-The tuning heads are an open-gear type, which are lightweight and transmit the string vibration effectively.” - From the Vox Website


This 2020 guitar is in Mint Condition with no real signs of use.

  • Maple plywood body
  • Weight relieved spruce center block
  • Mahogany neck
  • Indonesian Ebony fingerboard
  • 635mm Scale length
  • 43mm nut width
  • Grover tuning keys
  • (2) Vox V90 soapbar pickups
  • Cherry Red finish
  • Gator ICON gigbag



Brand VOX
Model BC-V90
Serial Number(s) S2001058