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2022 Classic S in Dark Forest Green

2022 Classic S in Dark Forest Green


“The Classic S features a 60’s C vintage standard neck profile with Indian rosewood or maple fingerboard and V60LP single coils. The Classic S retains many of the original specifications of the Classic Pro including the SSCII hum cancelling system and stainless steel frets. Proprietary Suhr locking tuners and the Gotoh 510 tremolo provides superior tuning stability.” – From the Suhr Website

In the world of boutique Fender-style electric guitars, there are few companies that hold a reputation quite as sweeping as Suhr. Their guitars are known for their unbelievable build quality, playability and incredibly attractive sound profile. Players like Mark Knopfler, Mateus Asato and Mike Landau all reach for a Suhr guitar when displaying their signature sounds in both the studio and on stage. All for good reason, this company continues to gain a reputation that excites players all around the world.

Hailing as one of their most popular models, the Classic S is no exception to this reputation. One of the most notable features of this guitar would be its overall feel. Just like other Suhr models, the left hand feel of this guitar is unmatched. The satin neck is incredibly smooth and easy to glide across, which when coupled with the stainless steel jumbo frets makes for a very pleasing experience. Add in the 25 ½” scale length with some 10 gauge strings and this instrument becomes the perfect canvas for creativity in which the only limitation is one’s imagination. The contour of the body contributes greatly to the ergonomics of this model. Just like a Fender Stratocaster, the Classic S has smooth bevels on just about every corner of the body that makes for a very comfortable playing experience when either standing or sitting down. With all of these design elements taken into account, it becomes quite difficult to find an excuse not to pick one of these up.

This model is loaded with Suhr V70 single-coil Stratocaster-style pickups that give it that classic Fender sound that we know and love but with an added edge that Suhr has injected into their instruments. The pickups in the Classic S lean towards the warmer side when compared to a standard Stratocaster set. A healthy amount of midrange helps these pickups to push an amp into overdrive with ease and also helps highlight pick or finger articulation. The bridge pickup in particular boasts an incredibly versatile range of tonal options. The second tone knob does affect said bridge pickup, allowing the player to achieve that “zippy” sound that comes with a dark bridge pickup. The pickups feel a bit more filled out in general with this model, making it a very viable choice for any kind of music.

The previous owner of this guitar maintained the pristine nature that it left the factory with, showing very minimal play wear. As such, we rate it as EXCELLENT+ condition.

  • “S” Style Double Cutaway Body Shape
  • 2-piece Swamp Ash Body
  • Gloss Body Finish in Dark Forest Green
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Offset Face Dot Inlays
  • Even “C” Slim Neck Carve
  • 10”-14” Compound Fingerboard Radius
  • Satin Neck Finish
  • V70 Single Coil Pickups
  • Gotoh 510 6-screw Bridge
  • Suhr Chrome Locking Gear Tuning Machines
  • Black Satin Pickguard
  • Tusq Nut
  • 1.65” Nut Width
  • 25 ½” Scale Length
  • 22 Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets
  • Original Hard Shell Case
Brand SUHR
Serial Number(s) 70908