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1962 6125 Single Anniversary

1962 6125 Single Anniversary


The Gretsch Single Anniversary 6125 occupies a particularly unique space in the annals of Gretsch lore.  The Anniversary line (single and double in reference to the number of pickups) started in 1958 as a natural evolution of the Streamliner line, which itself was based on Chet Atkins’ 6120 model.  

Chet Atkins had been looking for changes to his 6120, desiring more sustain and less feedback, like many ES-335 players were experiencing in the inaugural year of that model.   Working closely with inventor Ray Butts and Gretsch’s Jimmy Webster a number of innovations were adopted.  Amongst those that would see their way to the Anniversary line were the upper bout Tone Switch, the Half-Moon inlays, and trestle bracing; which would increase sustain and suppress feedback by adding mass to the inside of the guitar. 

By 1962 when this particular 6125 was constructed, Gretsch had moved away from the DeArmond Dynasonic pickups to their own design. The HiLo pickup (so named for its “brilliant highs” and “mellow lows”, with “lively, resonant response”) is a lightly wound single coil that is essentially in a Filter’Tron inspired cover.  This would also feature one of Gretsch’s most visually interesting bridge designs in the Space Control Bridge, which consists of 6 transverse string wheels along a threaded bridge saddle bar so a player could adjust the string spacing as they saw fit. 

When played, it has a surprising ability for a guitar with but one pickup. The neck position tends to be very bright but can be equally warm and round depending on your selection on the Tone switch.  The neck has a medium C carve and the fretboard is well worn in, playing as fast as you like.  It’s no small wonder that this model has become somewhat of a collector’s item in the modding community. Some players have been known to acquire one, rout the body for a bridge pickup, and have what functionally becomes a vintage 6120 sans Bigsby. 

This guitar is in surprisingly good condition given its age.  While it’s clearly been a player’s piece, it was also well cared for.  The pickguard was obviously removed as the holes and some paint chip out remain.  Also, given its age there is some really beautiful finish checking throughout the entire instrument.  As far as nicks and dings go, there are several to note. There is one on the back of the body near the horn, one on the F-hole at the bottom on the bass side, as well as on the back of the headstock. Given the somewhat primitive build quality of the time, it has aged quite nicely! 

  • Hollowbody Single Cutaway Body Shape
  • Laminated Maple Top, Back and Sides
  • Trestle Braced Top
  • White Body Binding with B/W Purfling
  • Gloss Smoke Green FInish
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Pearloid Half-Moon Inlays
  • Medium “C” Neck Carve
  • Gloss Neck Finish
  • HiLo’Tron Pickups
  • Upper Bout Tone Switch
  • Space Control Bridge on Ebony Base
  • Open Back Tuners
  • Bone Nut
  • 1 11/16” Nut Width
  • 25.5” Scale Length
  • 22 Frets
  • Hard Case
Model 6125
Serial Number(s) 48858