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2020 Model K Deluxe

2020 Model K Deluxe


After more than 50 years of producing Froggy Bottom guitars, Michael Millard has certainly earned his place in the pantheon of American lutherie.  Like many of the respected builders operating today, Millard had humble beginnings, having built his first guitar in a Manhattan apartment in 1970 using the apartment’s radiator pipe as a bending iron.  After a four year stint under the tutelage of famed luthier, Michael Gurian, Millard set off to establish Froggy Bottom Guitars.  These days, he and his small crew in Chelsea, VT produce approximately 75 guitars a year.  Unlike some of his competitors, Michael Millard is not very concerned with production growth. Rather, he prefers to work closely with his clients, such that he can be attentive to their particular needs and desires; and, accordingly, this limited output allows him and his team to truly focus on the individuality of each instrument.  Indeed, this preference for customization is clearly stated on the Froggy Bottom website: “Our methodology, our mission as guitar builders, and our determination to remain personally connected to each guitar all conspire perfectly to limit the number of guitars that come out of the shop.”   

Though they are somewhat scarce, we’ve been privileged to have a number of Froggy Bottom guitars come through our store over the years.  Regardless of the era, it is clear that the craftsmanship is superb—although, as is true of any diligent artist, the quality has become increasingly refined with the passage of time.  Sonically, we have observed that Froggy Bottom guitars are endowed with substantial heft, breadth, and clarity, which is to say that the notes are not only pure and well-sustained but extremely resolute. While not the most explosive in terms of low end response, Michael Millard’s guitars are pleasingly balanced and project with confidence.  These qualities combine in voice that is inherently brilliant without being brash, with bell-like trebles, meaty mid-range, and well-defined bass.   In short, Froggy Bottoms artfully strike a difficult balance between reliable, sturdy construction and highly musical expressiveness.  

Of all the body sizes offered, K bodies, like this K Deluxe, are perhaps the most versatile.  In many ways the K body mirrors the ever-popular Grand Auditorium design—which, as we joke around here, is essentially a dreadnought that went on a diet, in that the dimensions for the upper and lower bout and body depth are consistent with a dreadnought but the waist has been indented/slimmed.  As a result, the player can enjoy the broader frequency response (i.e., enhanced low end) and tonal depth of a larger guitar but some of the enhanced focus and mid-range clarity of a smaller instrument, thanks to the snug waist dimension.  In the case of this particular K Deluxe, these body attributes are well served by the pairing of its tonewoods.  The Adirondack spruce top contributes additional dynamic range (i.e., headroom) and top end sparkle, while the innately reflective premium Sinker mahogany back and sides impart a characteristically crisp, direct, punchy response that also serves to further reinforce the top’s vibration.  Combined with a solid but comfortably contoured neck carve, the result is a beautifully composed and expressive instrument that is simply delightful to play.



Overall this guitar was very well-maintained.  However, it was owned by a player/collector who was not afraid to use it!  As a result, it has picked up a couple minor points consistent with light and respectful use. For example, there is a dimple on the back of the headstock measuring approximately 3mm in circumference, and we also note just a couple minor dents on the body of the guitar.  Of particular note is a small impact on the treble side of the butt that resulted in a slight break in the finish with an associated blister.  This area was stabilized and greatly improved from a cosmetic standpoint with a finish fill upon arrival, some evidence of the wear and repair remains.  Finally, a K&K Pure Mini pickup has been installed.  - EXCELLENT+ CONDITION

  • K Style Body
  • Solid Adirondack Spruce Top
  • Premium Sinker Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Abalone Backstrip
  • Flamed Maple Body Binding with Bound Heel
  • Flamed Maple Heel Cap and Endpiece
  • Two Ring Rosette with Paua Abalone Center Strip
  • Gloss Body Finish
  • Mahogany Neck
  • 14-Frets Clear of the Body
  • Gabon Ebony Fingerboard
  • Abalone 5mm Dot Fingerboard Inlays
  • Abalone Frog Headstock Inlay
  • 4A Headstock Veneer
  • Gloss Neck Finish
  • Ebony Bridge
  • Ebony Bridge Pins and Abalone Dot
  • Nickel Waverly 4060 Tuners with Butterbean Buttons
  • Faux Tortoiseshell Pickguard
  • Bone Nut
  • Bone Saddle
  • 1 3/4” Nut Width
  • 2 5/16” “Wide” String Spacing at the Bridge
  • 25” Scale Length
  • Cedar Creek AVS Hardshell Case
Serial Number(s) K2221