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Delay Llama XTREME - Analog Delay Pedal

Delay Llama XTREME - Analog Delay Pedal


"The Delay Llama XTREME introduces new functionality and exciting features to our Delay Llama series, challenging preconceived notions of what an analog delay pedal can do. Featuring 3 x 3205 BBD chips and a thoughtful layout, the Delay Llama XTREME appeals to traditional delay users and sound explorers alike.

It comes equipped with 4 presets, 800ms of max. delay time, tap tempo w/ subdivisions, hold function, kill-dry, trails (buffered) OR true bypass modes, delay time expression pedal / CV input, remote tap tempo input and remote preset selection input. It also features 4 trail effects you can get lost in for hours on end!" - From the Jam Website

Used by the likes of Bill Frisell, Nels Cline and many more, the Delay Llama Xtreme has earned a notable reputation amongst the top analog delay pedals. When creating the original Delay Llama back in 2007, founder Jannis Anastasakis was striving to emulate the iconic sound of his Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Living inside a much smaller chassis than the Space Echo, the Delay Llama Xtreme is made for the modern day guitar player looking for even more sonic flexibility in their delay pedal. This pedal possesses a wide array of sounds, and is easily manipulated to achieve just about any analog delay sound you're after.

  • T (Time), R (Repeats) and L (Level) Controls
  • TRLS Switch - Alternate between buffered bypass (ON) and true bypass (OFF)
  • KD Switch - Eliminates the dry signal and leaves only the affected delay signal
  • Subdivision Switch - 8th notes, quarter notes and dotted 8th notes
  • 4 savable presets 
  • XTREME mode presets that includes vibrato, tape age, random and pitch shift
    • Vibrato: sine-wave LFO modulation w/ controls for Depth and Speed
    • Tape Age: emulates slight random pitch fluctuations a “worn down” tape would produce in a vintage tape echo machine
    • Random: randomly changes the millisecond value of the repeats
    • Pitch Shift: will give used 5 distinct pitch shifted intervals and 5 play-back patterns
  • Tap Tempo
  • ALT button that provides further manipulation of the XTREME presets


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