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Teese Real McCoy Custom Wah

Teese Real McCoy Custom Wah


"Around twenty-six years ago I was busy repairing original Italian and English wah-wah pedals, shortly after the V-847 was released and the old broken stuff started coming out of closets around the world. Every single wah-wah pedal that I touched I metered and then logged into a database.

Back in July of 2001, REAL MCCOY CUSTOM released our version of a blueprinted vintage Italian Picture Wah. Now, 18 years later, RMC is proud to release the latest version of the RMC4/PICTURE WAH, housed in a standard sized black case.

Inside you'll find free-standing Switchcraft jacks, true-bypass on/off switch, double-clad circuit board, rugged RMC ROC-POT, and tight tolerance componentry. The RMC4/Picture Wah features the under the rocker toggle switch to change the sweep contour and EQ." - From the Real McCoy Website

  • Low Noise Inductor
  • RFI Filtering
  • EMI Filtering
  • 10 mA Current Draw
  • 9V DC
Brand RMC
Model RMC4
Serial Number(s) 415.5074