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Red Muck Fuzz/Distortion 2nd Edition

Red Muck Fuzz/Distortion 2nd Edition


The Red Muck mk.2 puts on a few pounds, grows a new set of sharp teeth and is out to seduce even the most demanding Muff connoisseurs!

Inspired by the ’71 “triangle” and the later “Red Army / Civil War” Muffs, the Red Muck boasts a wider gamut of saturation and varied degrees of compression and sustain on tap.

The Boost footswitch engages a dedicated section of the circuit, separately tuned to hit the front end of the Red Muck and generate even fatter walls of Fuzz-Distortion or with the Gain set lower, function as a High-Gain-Stage footswitch.

The 2-way toggle-switch selects between symmetrical (exactly like the Red Muck mk.1) and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes! Be it early lyrical sustaining Muff tones or massive Stoner-Fuzz- Distortion wall of sound you are after, the Bear’s got your back! - From the Jam Website


  • Right footswitch engages the Red Muck
  • Left footswitch engages the boost function
  • LEVEL controls the output level
  • TONE adjusts the Red Muck’s tone
  • GAIN sets the gain level 
  • Internal trimmer adjusts the boost’s level
  • 2-way toggle-switch to select between symmetrical and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes
  • True Bypass
  • Works with 9V DC adaptor (tip-negative)
  • Power consumption: 12 mA
  • Dimensions (jacks, pots etc. included): 7.5 x 12 x 5.6 cm / 2.9 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches 5
  • Weight: 300g / 0.66 lbs


Brand JAM