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Harmonic/Amplitude Tremolo w/ Tap Tempo

Harmonic/Amplitude Tremolo w/ Tap Tempo


The harmonic tremolo effect originally came about in the early 1960s when Leo Fender began implementing a tremolo circuit into their brown panel amps. When engaged, the tremolo circuit in these amplifiers had a different flavor than their counterparts. Harmonic tremolo can be described as two tremolos wired in parallel. One tremolo allows the higher frequencies to pass through while the other follows suit with the lower frequencies. This creates an almost roto-vibe/phase effect that is truly unique. 

As a collaboration between That Pedal Show and Jam Pedals, the Harmonius Monk brings the spirit of these old brown panel amps to life, all inside of a chassis that can fit on your board. The MK.II features a couple of improvements over its predecessor. A tap tempo function now allows the player to adjust the rate without bending down to turn a knob. In addition to this, it sports a "ramp" function that uses tap-and-hold to ramp between two speeds, not unlike that of a Hammond B3 with a leslie cabinet. Other additions include a legacy mode, a reverse sawtooth LFO, CHOP function, input gain control and the option to specify the startup state of the pedal (on or off.)


  • Tap Tempo
  • Ramp function: holding the TAP switch will ramp to a second speed. You can determine the second speed, as well as the rate of the ramp between the two tremolo speeds.
  • There is a second mode of operation called the Legacy mode which retains and expands on the mk.1’s functionality since now you can choose to have x2 (double) or x1.5 (dotted eighth) speed multiplying options!
  • New LFO waveform added: Reverse Sawtooth
  • CHOP (kill dry) function
  • In addition to the mk.1's 3 internal EQ trimmers, the mk.2 features a new internal trimmer to adjust input gain control to optimize Harmonious Monk mk.2 for use with guitar, bass, keys, or anything else you might want to throw at it!
  • You can now specify the startup state of the mk.2, to ON or OFF upon receiving power!
  • Depth, speed, master volume and mix knobs
  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC Power
Brand JAM