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Compressor with NOS CA3080 Chip

Compressor with NOS CA3080 Chip


“Whether you are after the squashing power of a dinosaur, capable of that vintage thumpy attack and endless sustain, or you just want to musically tame your dynamic range, the NOS CA3080 chip equipped Dyna- ssoR will effortlessly nail it for you. We are committed to creating well tuned circuits that allow our designs to feature the minimum number of straight-forward and responsive controls and sound great no matter how you dial them in. The Dyna-ssoR is a great testament to exactly this effort! It makes everything sound like “more”!” - From the Jam Website

  • LEVEL controls output level
  • SUSTAIN sets amount of Compression/Sustain
  • True Bypass
  • Works with a 9V battery or 9V DC adaptor (tip negative)


Brand JAM