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L.R. Baggs

Acoustic Guitar Preamp with DI and Active EQ

Acoustic Guitar Preamp with DI and Active EQ


"We created the Venue DI so you can travel light, set up fast and sound incredible anywhere you plug in. The Venue DI gives you complete control by combining a full-isolation DI output, 5-band EQ with adjustable low & hi-mid bands, variable clean boost and chromatic tuner all in one acoustic pedal. With its all-discrete signal path, hi-graded semiconductors and exclusive use of audiophile grade film capacitors, the Venue DI is on par with the world’s elite preamps and provides a studio quality sound for the stage." - From the L.R. Baggs Website

Having the added advantage of multiple-band EQ controls on your acoustic DI could be what takes a fair sounding guitar to a remarkable one. The Venue DI from L.R. Baggs provides many of the features that one might look for in a live direct box. Within the aforementioned onboard equalizer, this unit features both low mid and high mid controls, which many guitar players know to be the leading problem frequencies when performing live with an acoustic guitar. The added “notch” feature is perfect for surgically removing frequencies that tend to feedback. In addition to the equalizer, the Venue DI has a multitude of other features that make it a great live performance companion. A mute/tuner, boost switch, and direct out and an FX loop all make this a one stop shop for the gigging musician.

• Adjustable gain for both passive and active pickups
• 5 band EQ with tunable low-mid and high-mid bands
• Garret Null notch filter for effective feedback control
• Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control
• Full chromatic tuner with footswitch mute/tune function
• Adjustable volume boost footswitch
• Full isolation audio transformer couple DI
• 4 segment clip meter to visually optimize gain setting
• 4 segment battery status gauge
• XLR and 1/4" outputs
• Series FX loop (separate jacks for send and return)
• Works with 9V battery or DC adapter (not provided)