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Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde
Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde
Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde
Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde
Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde
Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde

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Blues Cube Hot 30 Watt Amplifier - Vintage Blonde


The striking initial impression of the Blues Cube Hot is its incredible dynamic range and responsiveness at any volume. I plugged into the BLues Cube shortly after we received it to do a little test driving and was blown away by this solid state amp that seemed to perfectly reproduce the tweed tube amp sounds that I’ve loved since I was a teenager. The most remarkable quality of the Blues Cube is that unlike classic tube amps, it doesn’t need to be cranked to deliver beautiful, smooth overdriven tube sound. Using the four-way power control switch at the 0.5 watt setting, master volume, three band EQ and the gain, I was able to dial in tone that had all the punchy midrange, thick bass and sparkling high end of a great Fender Bassman amp even at low volumes. With an endorsement list that includes Robben Ford and Eric Johnson, I would challenge any tube amp enthusiast to take the blindfold test and tell me that the Blues Cube Hot is solid state!

Harris Kendrick
March 28, 2017
Maple Street Guitars

"Warm, powerful, responsive, dynamic, elastic…these are all terms that guitarists use to describe the satisfying experience of playing their favorite tube amps. Thanks to Roland’s Tube Logic , these words can be applied to the Blues Cube as well.

Dramatically evolved from the first-generation sound of the original Blues Cube amps from the ’90s, today’s Tube Logic accurately provides the complex, highly interactive behavior of classic tube designs in meticulous detail, providing the magical "it' factor that takes a guitar amp from a simple sound system to a living, breathing musical instrument.

Great feel, distortion control with touch and volume, bloom, sparkle, power supply "sag", and more—everything that players love about a finely tuned vintage tube amp is present in abundance with the Blues Cube."-from the Roland website

• Performance-ready 30-watt compact combo guitar amplifier with authentic tube tone and touch response.

• Roland’s comprehensive Tube Logic design delivers the interactive tonal behaviors of famous fine-tuned vintage tube amps, including preamp and output tube saturation characteristics, power supply compression, and much more.

• Master volume, three-band EQ, and onboard reverb, plus footswitchable Boost for natural crunch and Tone for bright presence.

• Four-way Power Control (0.5 W, 5 W, 15 W, Max) allows for cranked-up tones at any volume.

• Classic open-back design with custom 12-inch speaker and poplar cabinet for enhanced presence on stage.

• Stylish, modern look with a vintage vibe.

• Efficient, lightweight design provides easy portability without sacrificing tone quality.

• USB output for high-quality direct recording to a computer.

Serial Number(s) Z9M5413, Z9M5428