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Club Deluxe 2x10

Club Deluxe 2x10


Mark Baier, the man behind Victoria Amps, has long stood as one of the most respected boutique amp builders in the industry.  In listening to the amps it is easy to understand why—they have a transcendent tone!  Mark’s passion for late ‘50s Fender Tweed-era amps and Fender tone in general is clearly evident as the inspiration for many of his designs. In the case of this Club Deluxe, there is a merger of key Fender eras: a ‘60s-ish Deluxe Reverb with a ‘50s-ish Tweed cabinet.  The result is a more powerful and clear amp that also has fundamental warmth and resonance due to the less rigid cabinet design. 

Of course, the real beauty of this amp’s design is the well-thought-out departure from original design in terms of the circuit.  For example, the elimination of the Vibrato circuit and 2nd channel reduces weight and complexity while also reducing some signal loss from the Vibrato circuit.  Perhaps most handy design elements for the average Joe is the variety of power settings—there is both half/full power switching integrated into the standby switch, and inputs 2 and 3 are attenuated.  Of course, one of the most delicious and alluring features of this amp is its marriage of Deluxe-esque circuitry with a lightweight 2x10 cabinet, stocked with a pair of Eminence Legend 1058s.  The resulting presence of such a highly-refined, mid-wattage voicing being projected by a pair of 2x10s is thrillingly expressive.  One is greeted by breadth, substance, and clarity; and, while this translates to a more mid-range forward tone, there is plenty of low-end information without flub. In a theoretical competition to re-imagine the great Fender designs of the past, it is hard to see how this Club Deluxe wouldn’t be, ahem, Victorious.



This amp was extremely well cared for and shows no signs of play wear.  EXCEPTIONALLY FINE Condition

  • 2x10 Combo
  • 20 Watts
  • Half Power/Standby/Full Power Switching
  • Single Channel Operation
  • 3 Inputs (2 and 3 are Attenuated)
  • Eminence Legend 1058 Speakers
  • 2x6V6 Power Tubes (6L6 and EL34 Compatible)
  • 3x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 5AR4 Rectifier Tube
  • 12AT7 Reverb Tube
  • Black Cabinet
  • Silver Grill Cloth
  • 37 lbs
Serial Number(s) 8586