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1979 Princeton Reverb

1979 Princeton Reverb


The Fender Princeton Reverb is one of the most highly regarded electric guitar amplifiers in history.  Gentle enough on the ears for bedroom practice, and powerful enough for small club gigs, the lightweight Princeton Reverb became a player favorite practically from the moment it was released.  Because of its much revered sound, it has appeared on countless hit records, and is my personal all-time favorite Fender amp.  Introduced in 1964 as a “Black Panel” model, it has changed very little in all the years of its production.  The cosmetic move to a “Silverface” front panel happened in 1968.  Electronically, the amplifier was largely unaltered from ‘68 to ’81, except for one item.  In 1977 a Boost/Pull switch was added, that gave the amp a generous amount of extra volume, for as long as the switch was in the out position.  This particular 1979 model has this feature. 

The tone of the Princeton Reverb is nothing short of glorious.  The lush tube chirp and note bloom, as I have declared many times, would be “edible” if you could get it on a spoon!!  It responds to volume changes on your guitar perfectly and begins a delicious breakup when the amp's own volume is about halfway up.  Yes I have a particular affection for the “Princeton”!  However, I can honestly say if I had to make an unbiased choice of a Fender amplifier that perfectly perpetuates love for the brand, this would be it. 

This 1979 amp is in wonderful condition.  It is so pristine, the only immediate visible clues of its vintage status are the sharper edges and angles of the cabinet construction and the relatively “thin” black tolex covering, when compared to a modern vintage reissue.  The chassis mounting strips are not even tarnished.  We rate this amp as Near Mint condition.-Mark Pertain, Maple Street Guitars Official Fender Nut

  • 12/15 Watts Output Power
  • One Channel
  • Tremolo and Spring Reverb Effects
  • Front Panel : Volume(pull for Boost), Treble, Bass, Reverb, (Tremolo) Speed and Intensity Controls, Two ¼” Inputs (one is padded), Power Indicator Jewel
  • Back Panel: Courtesy (Auxiliary Power) Outlet, 2-Way Ground Selector Switch, Fuse Holder, Power and Standby Switches, ¼"Main and Extension Speaker Jacks, RCA Vibrato Pedal Input, RCA Reverb Pedal Input, ¼” Reverb In and Out Jacks (Send and Receive), ¼” Footswitch Jack.
  • Schumacher Reverb Transformer (code: 022921; EIA606-916)
  • Schumacher Power Transformer (code: L010020; EIA606-917)
  • Schumacher Output Transformer (code: 022913; EIA606-918)
  • Fender Blue Label Special Design 10” Speaker (code: X10L5XK303; m5-24)
  • (3) 12AX7, (1) 12AT7 Preamp Tubes
  • (2) 6V6 Power Tubes
  • 5U4 Rectifier Tube
  • Black Tolex Covered Birch Plywood Cabinet
  • Marine Particle Board Speaker Baffle
  • Footswitch
  • 32.2 lbs


Model 1979 PRINCETON
Serial Number(s) 975936