Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars


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Alhambra USED 10FC 2018 Flamenco with Solid German Spruce and Cypress (used) Photos available 2100.00
Alvarez-Yairi DY75 1981 Dy75 (used) 875.00
Bourgeois 0 CUST RED/WAL 2017 0 Custom Namm Build (used) Photos available 6500.00
Carr USED SKYLARK Skylark 1-12 in Faun and Brown Gator Covering (used) 2300.00
Cedar Creek CVR 05 Used Cedar Creek Grand Concertcase Cover (used) 125.00
Collings 290DCS LEFTY Left Handed 290 Double Cutaway with Dog Ear P-90s (used) Photos available 3400.00
Collings MTO GT PG 2016 Mt Oval Hole (used) 3800.00
Collings USED 360 BARI 2020 360 Baritone with Doghair Finish and Mastery (used) Photos available 5250.00
Collings 01MHT 14-FRET 2019 01 14-Fret Traditional with All Mahogany Body (used) Photos available 5300.00
Collings OM1SS 2017 OM-1 Short-Scale with Baked Spruce Top (used) Photos available 5500.00
Collings 01 ROSEWOOD 2012 01 Rosewood (used) 5700.00 NEW
Collings USED CL DELUXE 2019 City Limits Deluxe with Aged Lemon Burst (used) Photos available 6250.00
Collings OM2H COCOBOLO 2020 Custom OM2H with Cocobolo Rosewood (used) Photos available 6600.00
Collings OM1 KOA CUSTOM Custom OM with Baked Sitka and Flamed Koa (used) Photos available 7150.00
Collings USED I-35 DLX 15" Semi-Hollowbody with Tobacco Sunburst Finish (used) 7300.00
Collings D2HBAAAA 2006 D2h With Aaa Brazilian (used) Photos available 15000.00
Cordoba USED F10 Flamenco with Solid Spruce and Solid Cypress (used) 1050.00
Cordoba USED GK PRO N Classical Cutaway with Fishman Presys Blend Pickup (used) Photos available 1500.00
D'Angelico DLX BRIGHTON 2020 Deluxe Brighton with Matte Walnut Finish (used) Photos available 1350.00
Deering GOLDEN ERA Golden Era 5-string Banjo (used) Photos available 3800.00
Divided By 13 EDT 13/29 2022 Divided By 13 Edt 13/29 (used) 2700.00
Dr. Z MINI Z Mini Z 1x8 5-watt Combo (used) Photos available 750.00
Dunlop USEDSUGARDRIVE Used Mxr Sugar Drive (used) 85.00
Eastman USED DM1 All Solid Gypsy Jazz Guitar (used) Photos available 995.00
Eastman T486-ED El Diablo - 16" Thinline in Satin Transparent Red (used) Photos available 1200.00
Eastman USED AR803CE 2007 AR803CE in Natural with Dual Humbuckers (used) Photos available 1700.00
Eastman MDC805 Mandocello with Jazz Archtop Body & Classic Finish (used) Photos available 1995.00
Epiphone EMPEROR REGENT 1996 Emperor Regent As (used) Photos available 1150.00
Fender RUMBLE 25 Used Rumble 25 (used) 100.00
Fender AFFINITY JB V 2020 Affinity Series Jazz Bassv (used) 325.00
Fender CV TELE CUSTOM 2019 Squier Classic Vibe Tele Custom (used) Photos available 400.00
Fender USED JAG HHVM Squier Vintage Modified Jaguarfiesta Red (used) Photos available 400.00
Fender USED MP JAGUAR Used Modern Player Jaguarred Transparent (used) Photos available 575.00
Fender SUPER-SONIC 60 C.2007 Super-sonic 60 1x12 (used) Photos available 775.00
Fender PARTS STD STRT 1999 American Stand Strat Body (used) Photos available 1100.00
Fender DELUXE REVERB 1976 Deluxe Reverb (used) Photos available 1250.00
Fender 1968 SUPER REV 1968 Super Reverb With Mixed Speaker Set (used) Photos available 1400.00
Fender USEDPROIITELE 2020 Am Pro Ii Telecaster (used) 1450.00
Fender PRO II STRAT 2020 American Pro Ii Strat (used) 1500.00
Fender ACOUSTISONIC 2018 Acoustisonic Telecaster (used) Photos available 1600.00
Fender AM ELITE TELE 2016 American Elite Tele Thinline (used) Photos available 1650.00
Fender CLAPTON STRAT 2013 Artist Series Pewter Fin (used) Photos available 1700.00
Fender EC STRAT BLACK 2020 Artist Series Clapton Str (used) 1700.00
Fender ULTRA TELE 2021 American Ultra Tele Texastea (used) 1800.00
Fender JACO FRETLESS 2020 Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jbass (used) Photos available 1850.00
Fender 1965 SUPER REV 1965 Super Reverb With Mixed Speakers (used) Photos available 2200.00
Fender JAZZ BASS 1973 Jazz Bass With Blonde Finish, Maple Fingerboard (used) Photos available 4500.00
Flatbush V-5 Flatbush V-5 (used) Photos available 6000.00
G&l ASAT CLASSIC S 2012 ASAT Classic "S" (used) 1400.00
Gibson LP STUDIO WR 2019 Les Paul Studio Wine Red (used) 1350.00
Gibson LP STUDIO HP 2016 Les Paul Studio Hp (used) 1475.00
Gibson A-50 1959 A-50 (used) Photos available 1600.00
Gibson LES PAUL STD 2018 Les Paul Standard Mojaveburst (used) Photos available 2250.00
Gibson LP STD 50S P90 2021 Les Paul Standard 50s P90 (used) Photos available 2275.00
Gibson LP TRAD 59 MOD 2012 Les Paul Traditional with '59 Wiring (used) Photos available 2600.00
Gibson ES-5 BLONDE 1998 Reissue "Switchmaster" Hollowbody in Blonde (used) Photos available 6250.00
Godin USED VBGSE BAG Solid Body Guitar Gig Bag Used (used) 50.00
Godin Guitars LA PATRIE COLL Used Godin La Patrie Collection (used) Photos available 350.00
Goodall, James MSC C. 2002 Maple Standard Cutaway (used) Photos available 5000.00
Goodall, James PECL Classical Model With Palo Escrito And Port Orford Cypress (used) Photos available 5300.00
Goodall, James MGC PACIFIC 2008 Grand Concert Pacific (used) Photos available 6700.00
Goodsell SEVENTEEN CUST 2015 Super Seventeen Custom (used) Photos available 1300.00
Gretsch G9200 2020 G9200 Boxcar Resonator (used) Photos available 400.00
Gretsch G2420/ABB 2020 Streamliner (used) Photos available 425.00
Ibanez GB10-BS 1986 George Benson Model (used) Photos available 2500.00
Kartakou WARMER Warmer Overdrive Boost (used) Photos available 90.00
Klos KLOS HYBRID AE Klos Full-size Hybrid Acoustic-electric (used) Photos available 1150.00
Lowden USED F-32 2018 F-32 (used) Photos available 4500.00
Lowden F-35 RED/KOA 2014 F-35 With Redwood Top Andkoa Back And Sides (used) Photos available 6000.00
Lowe, Wade LOWE 8-STRING 1972 8-String Classical with 665mm Scale (used) Photos available 2700.00
Magnatone VARSITY REVERB Magnatone Varsity Reverb Tvcathedral (used) 1700.00
Martin USED 12C630 000/OM Archtop Hardshell Case (used) Photos available 125.00
Martin S-0 S-0 Soprano Ukulele C. 1955 - All Mahogany (used) Photos available 625.00
Martin 2012 D-18 2012 D-18 Players Grade (used) 1300.00
Martin USED SC-13E-01 2020 Sc-13e-01 (used) 1300.00
Martin USED D-35 1973 D-35 (used) Photos available 3300.00
Martin 000-18 NB 2008 000-18 Norman Blake Model (used) Photos available 3600.00
Martin CUSTOM HD-28 1999 Custom Shop Dreadnought with Englemann Spruce (used) 3900.00
Martin CUSTOM 0000 2019 Custom Shop 0000 (used) Photos available 4000.00
Memphis MEMPHIS STRAT C. 1980s Memphis Strat (used) Photos available 300.00
Mesa-boogie EXPRESS 5:50 2007 Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Combo Tube Amplifier (used) Photos available 1100.00
Msg CLASS FT CASE Used Classical Flat Top Case (used) 85.00
Msg ATCLASS CASE Arched Top Hardshell Classical Case (used) 125.00
Music Man STINGRAY HH 2012 Music Man StingRay Special HH in Natural (used) Photos available 2000.00
National DUOLIAN 14-FRT 1938 Duolian 14-Fret Single Cone Reso-Phonic (used) Photos available 3400.00
Paul Mcgill MCGILL SPR/BRW Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 6750.00
Paul Reed Smith PRS TONARE P20 Prs Parlor With All Mahogany &pickup (used) 575.00
Paul Reed Smith SE TORERO 2013 SE Torero (used) Photos available 800.00
Paul Reed Smith PRS THROWBACK 2011 Custom 24 "Throw-Back” 1985 Reissue (used) Photos available 3100.00
Ramirez RAMIREZ 1A 664 Classical with Rosewood and Cedar (used) 6500.00
Ramirez 1A SPRUCE 1987 1a Spruce Top (used) 8500.00
Reverend PA-1 Pete Anderson Signature Model (used) Photos available 1100.00
Rick Turner MODEL 1-A SS 2015 Model 1-a Stage Standard (used) Photos available 4500.00
Roadie ROADIE 2 Used Roadie 2 Guitar Tuner (used) 65.00
Rogers ROGERS SPR/EIR 2005 Rogers Classical with Spruce and Rosewood (used) Photos available 1175.00
Roland MICRO CUBE Used Roland Micro Cube (used) 125.00
Roland USEDBASSCUBE30 2010's Roland Bass Cube 30 (used) 200.00
Sakurai-kohno MAESTRO R.F. 2015 Maestro R.F. with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 9500.00
Santa Cruz OMG AMBER OM Grand with Vintage Amber Finish (used) 5725.00
Santa Cruz OM SUNBURST OM with Rosewood and Sunburst Sitka Spruce Top (used) Photos available 6200.00
Santa Cruz OMG COCOBOLO 2021 OM Grand with Cocobolo Back and Sides (used) Photos available 8600.00
Sorensen BIG DOG OCTAVE 2019 Big Dog Octave Mandolin (used) Photos available 8500.00
Sterling JP60 Sterling Jp60 Satin Black (used) 425.00
Suhr CLASSIC T 2003 Contoured Ash Body Elec. (used) Photos available 2350.00
Suhr CLASSIC T ANT Classic T Antique Two-tone Sunburst (used) Photos available 2400.00
Supro USED 1695T Used Supro Black Magick 1695T 25W Amp (used) Photos available 900.00
T-rex MOLLER 2 T-Rex Moller 2 Overdrive Pedal with Power Supply (used) Photos available 120.00
Taylor USED 61030D Used Taylor Gig Bag (used) 70.00
Taylor USED GS MINI Mini Grand Symphony with Pickup (used) Photos available 600.00
Taylor ACAD 12E-N 2018 Academy 12e-n (used) 699.00
Taylor 615 1995 615 (used) Photos available 2450.00
Taylor USED 612CE-12F 2017 612ce 12-fret (used) Photos available 2900.00
Taylor K14C 2000 K14c (used) Photos available 3000.00
Taylor 914CE-LTD BRW 2001 GA with Englemann and Brazilian and Prefix (used) Photos available 5250.00
Tech21 TRADEMARK 30 Tech21 1x10 Combo Modeling Amp (used) 200.00
Thomas Rein REIN CED-EIR Classical with Indian Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 5800.00
Traphagen B.R.S. 2002 Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 7500.00
Traphagen USED P.E.S. DT 2008 Classical with Swiss Spruce/Cedar Double Top (used) Photos available 8000.00
Traphagen USED B.R.S. Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and E.I. Spruce (used) Photos available 9000.00
Vox BC-V90 2020 Vox Bobcat V90 Red (used) Photos available 1275.00
Waterloo USED WL-K 2017 Wl-k (used) 2900.00
Weber YELLOWSTONE F F-Style F-Hole Mandolin with Burnt Amber Burst (used) 5200.00
Xcase XCASE MIXER Road Case for Mixing Board (used) Photos available 175.00

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