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15" Archtop Cutaway with Solid Spruce Top

15" Archtop Cutaway with Solid Spruce Top


15" Archtop Hollowbody with Venetian Cutaway and Carved Spruce and Mahogany with Classic Finish and Dual Seymour Duncan Jazz Pickups

For us, the Eastman line of archtop guitars represents the very definition of 'best value' for instruments of this type. When one considers how splendidly crafted they are and the high quality of the materials used, then it is easy to appreciate the superior performance characteristics of these instruments. One is tempted to say that they are without peer.

This is an exciting new model from our friends at Eastman guitars which re-enforces our opinion stated above. It features a 15" body width with a medium body depth of 2 3/4" and a Venetian cutaway which, together, make this instrument very comfortable to play. Other premium features include an rosewood bridge, tailpiece, pickguard and fretboard, and a hand-carved spruce top with hand-carved mahogany back and sides. Finally, this guitar is fitted with dual Seymour Duncan Jazz pickups, and as the natural sound and playability of this guitar are both superb, one should expect to derive equal pleasure playing it acoustically as well as amplified.

This guitar includes an archtop hardshell case.

Model AR603CED-15
Serial Number(s) L2300755