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Custom Vibrolux Reverb

Custom Vibrolux Reverb


The Custom Vibrolux Reverb is not a reissue, but a modern version of a classic Fender amp. Turn your guitar volume up when you want breakup for soloing, and turn down again to play cleanly. This is a super-responsive all tube amp. The more dynamically you play, the more you'll appreciate the Custom-Vibrolux Reverb's ability to go from a whisper to a scream, simply by changing your picking intensity,and/or guitar volume.


This 2005 amplifier shows minor wear and tear and has a slight discoloration to the grille cloth. Almost as if the amp had been mildly “reliced”! All in all it is in Very Good++ Condition and works perfectly! oh yeah, it sounds absolutely fabulous too....

  • Professional Tube Series (All Tube Circuitry). Designed in the Amp Custom Shop, but built on the regular tube amp line.
  • 40 watts into 4 ohms output
  • 2-10" Jensen Special Design speakers
  • Normal and Bright channels
  • Reverb (Functions in both channels), Vibrato (Functions in both channels),
  • External Speaker Jack (4 ohms),
  • Tilt-Back Legs
  • 2-Button Footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato On/Off



Serial Number(s) AB023470