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Larrivee: OMV-10 SPECIAL


Larrivee Guitars OMV-10 SPECIAL

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2001 Larrivée OMV-10 Special with B-Band Pickup

December 5, 2001 was a good day—-this wonderful Larrivée was strung up, given a final polishing, and was sent out into the world to fulfill its role in making music. Evidently, however, it made a pit stop at the 2002 winter NAMM show where it was proudly displayed as a tempting upper-end offering to dealers (and hopeful dealers) from around the world. In the end, the guitar made it down to Brazil, where its most recent owner enjoyed it for many years.

Now, fifteen years later, this fine guitar has made its way back stateside to our humble store. In keeping with our general modus operandi of seeking best quality examples, we are happy to be representing this guitar, which is in very good condition for its age. While we are not a Larrivée dealer, we have sold a number of Larrivée guitars over the years, and this guitar is certainly consistent with the best of what we have seen from this company in terms of its tonal quality and the overall quality of its construction.

This OMV-10 “Special” differs from standard 10-Series models in that it has more streamlined cosmetic appointments—-for instance, the fingerboard inlays are simple dots rather than the typical ornate Deluxe inlays, and the bridge has no inlays whatsoever. Apart from a couple very minor dings and scuffs consistent with light use, the guitar did come to us with a few cosmetic issues of note. Most significant of these was some finish de-lamination along the neck joint as well as the top corner of the headstock. These areas were significantly improved visually and stabilized by our repair staff. Otherwise, there is also some lacquer sink and pitting on the back and sides where similar light flecks of separation are evident. This is likely due to a less-stable pore filler that was in widespread use around the time this guitar was produced—-we have seen similar cosmetic issues attributed to pore filler used on guitars from this period from almost every major manufacturer (Martin, Taylor, Tacoma, Collings, Santa Cruz, etc.). While there are never guarantees about the stability of such issues, it has been our experience that finish pitting and separation rarely spreads after a certain point. All this considered, we would still represent this guitar as being in very good condition.

Cosmetic details aside, this guitar has all the fine tonal characteristics that one would expect from a good Larrivee. Most notably, this guitar has excellent balance, clear note definition, and inherent sustain, attributes that are common in more contemporary guitar voicing. However, there is a density to the note foundation, reminiscent of Martin or Collings voicing, that imparts strong resolution and prevents the guitar from being overly brilliant or from distorting. These qualities coupled with a well-exercised top make for a guitar that is pliable and responsive, yet capable of supporting a more powerful attack. The Indian rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia) back and sides contribute harmonic complexity and color to the overall presence of this guitar, which is what one would expect from this beautiful tonewood (which is so often paired with Sitka spruce). Additionally, all these fine acoustic properties are readily amplified by the on-board B-Band blending pickup. Overall, this OMV-10 is a fantastic instrument and would suit the needs of almost any player. Moreover, it would make for a great live guitar for anyone seeking a more refined guitar that has already been broken-in a bit.

This guitar includes a deluxe archtop hardshell case. (used)

Our Price: $1995.00

Sorry, this item is not currently in stock

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