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Dreadnought Cases

Calton: D GREEN & SILV


Calton Cases D GREEN & SILV

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Composite Fiberglass Flight ase with Green Exterior and Silver Interior and RFID Microchip for Dreadnought Guitars

Calton Cases Are Back! And not only are they lighter and stronger, but also sleeker with cool new features that readily distinguish them from their stalwart predecessors - notice the bumpers and latch protectors. Keith Calton's North American franchise licensing the manufacture of his case design is now in the capable hands of Jon Green who has started production in Austin, Texas.

From the Calton website:

"All Calton Cases are molded from a composite of glass fiber and pigmented resin with color that is integral to the fiberglass, and each half of every case is hand moulded in a single piece ensuring that there are no seams to separate. All of the hardware is high quality plated steel which is attached to the case with rivets and reinforcing plates, and careful attention is paid to the placement of the leather handle in order to provide the optimum in comfort and balance. A strong, flexible PVC strip completely edges both top and bottom halves of the case. This, combined with the natural water repellent qualities of fiberglass, provides an almost perfect seal against the elements.

Case interiors are hand crafted from high quality foam padding. All interior surfaces are finished in crushed velour manufactured to our specifications, and the pick box is topped with a large foam pad that cushions the neck. The neck is further protected with a padded marine plywood guide that restricts side-to-side movement.

All Calton cases now include an embedded RFID microchip for added security. Should you ever elect to register your case for electronic scanning, there is a one-time fee of $40 to register your Calton case. Upon registration your case it will be entered in a database that is monitored by police departments and pawnshop associations nationwide. You can enter contact information and a description, even photos of your case for positive identification.

Should your case go missing, you can flag it as lost or stolen and monitoring will begin immediately. Police departments and pawnshops routinely scan for RFID microchips in high value items. Upon a match with the RFID code from your case, police will be notified and will contact you to facilitate its return. The RFID chips used in Calton Cases boast a recovery rate of 35%, the highest in the industry, and some insurance companies are offering discounts for RFID-equipped assets."

Our Price: $1095.00

Sorry, this item is not currently in stock

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