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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

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Hiscox Cases ARTIST MC BLK Travel Case for Medium Sized Classical Guitar - Black Shell with Silver Interior

From the Hiscox website:

"The construction consists of a moulded, high impact resistant A.B.S. plastic outer shell, bonded directly to an inner moulding manufactured from a unique blend of 'High Tech' cellular foam. This inner moulding is feather light and, being semi-rigid, is designed to soak up impact shocks from the outside world. The UNIQUE bonding of the inner moulding to the outer shell gives unbeatable, total structural rigidity which is UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER CASE IN THE WORLD in our price range.

The case lining is completed with a crushed velvet type fabric of different grades depending on case type. This is bonded directly onto the shaped foam moulding giving a neatly tailored luxurious feel, perfectly fitted every time. Extra cushioning is provided by upholstered pads in the PRO and Artist ranges which are factory fitted in key areas. These can also be supplied loose in order that the body cavity may be customized to provide a closer fit for a particular instrument.

The aluminum valance is unique to Hiscox Cases. It's design not only increases the rigidity of the case, but ensures a positive location of lid to base when the two halves are closed. Unlike any other case available on the market, the valance extends deep inside the case behind the plastic shell, into which all the hardware (handles, catches, hinges etc.) is riveted. This method of fixing greatly reduces the possibility of fittings working loose. With their incredible structural rigidity, all Hiscox 'Liteflite' cases exhibit enormous crush strength - even our standard case range have has been tested to over 500kg (five fully grown people)."

Artist Series Special Features:

* Outer shell is 25% thicker than the PRO II giving an impact resistance to puncture of twice that of the PRO II range.
* The internal padding is improved to further increase shock absorption.
* Aluminium is fully hardened greatly increasing the stiffness of the aluminium valance 'band' around the case.
* Deluxe velour fabric used for the case lining.
* Larger steel lock and latches.
* Full Leather carrying handle
* Shoulder strap included.

Internal guitar case dimensions:

* Length 1029mm/40.5"
* Lower Bout 362mm/14.75"
* Upper Bout 267mm/10.5"
* Body Length 489mm/19.25"
* Body Depth 117mm/4.5"
* Empty Weight 4.5kg/10lbs .

Our Price: $529.00