Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars


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Access USED ABUSA1 Used Small Body Gig Bag (used) 29.00
Aer NATURAL 60/3 60 Watt Two Channel Acoustic Amplifier w/Oak Cab (used) Photos available 1149.95
Alhambra USED 9P CEDAR Classical with Solid Cedar and Solid Rosewood (used) Photos available 1795.00
Alvarez PC50SC Classical w/Cutaway and System 500II Pickup System (used) Photos available 549.95
Bourgeois AGED TONE D 2014 "Aged Tone" Dreadnought (used) Photos available 5500.00
Calton OM GRAN/BLUE Deluxe OM Flight Case in Granite with Blue Lining (used) Photos available 675.00
Cervantes USED HAUSER CN Hauser Classical with Solid Spruce and Rosewood (used) Photos available 1875.00
Collings OM GEIB CASE Deluxe Cedar Creek Archtop Hardshell OM Case (used) 250.00
Collings USED CL DLX FC City Limits Deluxe in Faded Cherry with Throwbacks (used) 3695.00
Collings USED D1ASB Dreadnought with Adirondack and Shaded Sunburst (used) Photos available 3995.00
Collings USED D2HT 2016 "T" Series Dreadnought with Baked Spruce Top (used) Photos available 4250.00
Collings OM1A CUSTOM Custom OM with Baked Adirondack and Koa Binding (used) 4995.00 NEW
Collings 02H GERM/MAD 02h German Top Madagascar B&s (used) 4995.00 NEW
Contreras CONTRERAS CED 1973 Classical with Cedar and Brazilian (used) Photos available 5975.00
Cordoba USED C10 CEDAR Classical with Solid Cedar and Rosewood (used) Photos available 925.00
Epiphone SHERATON 2 Sheraton II Pro Semi-Hollowbody in Natural Finish (used) Photos available 549.95
Fender KAHLER STRAT '80s Contemporary Strat with Kahler Spyder Tremolo (used) Photos available 695.00
Fender ACOUSTIC PRO Acoustic Pro 200 Watt Two Channel Combo Amplifier (used) Photos available 850.00
Fender FLORAL TELE Blue Floral Telecaster Made in Japan (used) Photos available 1095.00
Fender USED DLX STRAT 2004 American Deluxe Strat with 2-Color Sunburst (used) Photos available 1095.00
Fender 1959 P-BASS 1959 Precision Bass with Sunburst Finish (used) Photos available 8500.00
Fender 1953 P-BASS 1953 Precision Bass with Blonde Finish (used) Photos available 11000.00
G&l ASCARI RED MOD 2015 Tribute Series Ascari with "Slash" Pickup (used) Photos available 449.95
G&l ASAT DLX II 2015 Tribute Asat Deluxe Ii Irish Ale, Dual Humbuckers (used) 449.95 NEW
G&l ASAT ALNICO LH Left-Handed ASAT Classic Alnico in Sonic Blue (used) Photos available 1450.00
Gallagher DOC WATSON CUT Doc Watson Model Cutaway with Spruce and Mahogany (used) Photos available 2495.00
Gibson LP SPECIAL SL 2005 Les Paul Special Sl Ebony, 490r/498t Pickups, W/case (used) 695.00 NEW
Gibson LES PAUL STD 1989 Les Paul Standard with Tobacco Sunburst (used) Photos available 2195.00
Gibson L-4C 1965 L-4C with Sunburst Finish and DeArmond Chief (used) Photos available 3995.00
Gibson CS-356 5AQT Custom Shop 356 with Premium Quilted Maple Top (used) Photos available 4150.00
Gibson JIMMY PAGE LP Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul in Light Honey Burst (used) Photos available 4850.00
Godin USED AMBIANCE Acoustic/Electric Nylon w/Custom Fishman Pickup (used) Photos available 1250.00
Goodall, James KS Standard With Redwood and Koa (used) Photos available 4995.00
Goodsell SUPER 17 MK IV 17 Watt Combo Amplifier with 1x12" Speaker (used) Photos available 1350.00
Gretsch PRO JET BLACK 2015 Electromatic G5435 Pro Jet Black, Stop Tailpiece (used) 350.00 NEW
Guild F-30R STD AB 2012 Orchestra Model with Antique Burst and K&K (used) Photos available 1695.00
Hill, Kenny USED MUNICH 2001 "Munich" - Hill Master Series Hauser Model (used) Photos available 2900.00
Huss & Dalton TD-M Dreadnought with Torrefied Adirondack (used) Photos available 3695.00
Jaen RIALTO 17" Archtop Cutaway with Carved Spruce and Maple (used) Photos available 3700.00
Kinnard KINNARD HB Frank Hicks Model Hollowbody (used) Photos available 4295.00
Kohno, Masaru KOHNO 30 Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 5295.00
Lag T100ACE-BLK Tramontane Series Acoustic Cutaway with Pickup (used) Photos available 425.00
Larrivee OMV-10 SPECIAL OMV-10 Special Edition with Cutaway and Preamp (used) Photos available 1995.00
Leho LEHO LHG-D14M Dreadnought with Mahogany and Spruce (used) Photos available 425.00
Loprinzi, Augus SPANISH GR CON Spanish Grand Concert Classical (used) Photos available 2900.00
Martin, C.F. USED 12C535C Geib Style Archtop Hardshell Case with for 000/OM (used) Photos available 225.00
Martin, C.F. USED OM21 1994 Orchestra Model with Rosewood and Spruce (used) 1649.00
Martin, C.F. CS D-41 15 Custom Shop D-41 with VTS Adirondack Spruce Top (used) Photos available 5495.00
Martin, C.F. D-45 CUSTOM Custom Shop D-45 with Madagascar and Adirondack (used) Photos available 12000.00
Mesa-boogie LONESTAR SPEC 5/15/30 Watt Class A 2-Channel Combo Amplifier (used) Photos available 1250.00
Msg USEDFTCASE Flat Top Hardshell Classical Case (used) 69.95
Msg DREAD CASE Flat Top Hardshell Dreadnought Case (used) Photos available 69.99
Pardo, A. Raya PARDO SPRUCE Classical with European Spruce And Rosewood (used) Photos available 4500.00
Paul Reed Smith CUSTOM 24 Custom 24 with Trampas Green Flamed Maple Top (used) Photos available 2500.00
Paul Reed Smith PRS THROWBACK 2011 Built to 1985 Specs with Figured Maple Top (used) Photos available 3100.00
Rein, Thomas RSWD-EUROPEAN Classical with Spruce and Rosewood (used) Photos available 3995.00
Robert, Mikhail ROBERT SPR/EIR Classical with Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 4995.00
Santa Cruz USED OM RSWD Orchestra Model with Carpathian Spruce (used) Photos available 3850.00
Takamine EG523SCB-12 Jumbo 12-string, Solid Sprucetop, Maple Back/sides, Pickup (used) 675.00
Taylor USED 355 Jumbo 12-String with Sapele and Spruce (used) Photos available 1195.00
Taylor USED 410E-R 2016 Dreadnought with Rosewood and Spruce and ES-2 (used) Photos available 1649.00
Taylor USED GC8 Grand Concert with Rosewood and Spruce and Pickup (used) Photos available 1750.00
Taylor USED GS5 2007 Grand Symphony with Cedar and Mahogany (used) Photos available 1795.00
Taylor 2006 GS5 2006 Grand Symphony with Baggs iBeam Pickup System (used) Photos available 1795.00
Taylor 718E-SB 1st Edition Jumbo with Rosewood and Spruce and ES1 (used) 1995.00
Taylor USED STYLE 2 R. Taylor Custom Grand Concert (used) Photos available 3995.00
TKL USED 8920 CASE TKL Archtop Hardshell Jumbo Case (used) Photos available 149.95
Washburn R-314KK Parlor with Vintage Finished Spruce and Trembesi (used) Photos available 375.00

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