Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars


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1a7799-002-01 USED SHEN 100 Genz-benz 100 Watt Amp (used) 0.00 NEW
Alhambra USED 9P CEDAR Classical with Solid Cedar and Solid Rosewood (used) Photos available 1795.00
Avalon LI-20 2012 Jumbo with Western Cedar and Indian Rosewood (used) Photos available 2750.00
Blue Heron BLUE HERON OM 000/OM Guitar Gig Bag in Black (used) 65.00
Carvin USED CT6 Carvin CT6 California Carved Top in Deep Green (used) Photos available 900.00
Cervantes HAUSER PE USED 2015 Cervantes Hauser PE with Solid Cedar Top (used) Photos available 1499.99
Cervantes USED HAUSER PE Classical with Palo Escrito and Cedar (used) Photos available 1650.00
Cervantes HAUSER SIGNAT Signature Hauser Model with Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 3900.00
Collings USED 290 290 with TV Yellow Finish (used) Photos available 2395.00
Collings 290HB CRIMSON 2008 290 With Lollar Imperialscrimson Finish (used) 2795.00 NEW
Collings 01SB 2014 0 Model with Western Shaded Sunburst (used) Photos available 3575.00
Collings C10 SUNBURST 2013 C10 with Rosewood and Spruce and SB Finish (used) Photos available 3750.00
Collings C10 MAHOGANY 2017 C10 with Mahogany and Baked Sitka Spruce (used) Photos available 4195.00
Cordoba USED C12 SPR Luthier Series Classical with Lattice Braced Top (used) Photos available 1495.00
Dick, Edward EDWARD DICK 2005 Edward Dick Nylon String in Jet Black (used) Photos available 2995.00
Divided By 13 CJ11 11 Watt Combo Amplifier with 1x12" Celestion (used) 1595.00
Epiphone RIVIERA P93 2015 Riviera P93 Blue Finish (used) Photos available 475.00
Fender USED MINI BLK Used Squier Mini Black (used) 89.95 NEW
Fender EMERALD WHEAT 40 Watt Reissue Blues Deluxe LTD Emerald/Wheat (used) 699.99
Fender FLORAL TELE Blue Floral Telecaster Made in Japan (used) Photos available 1095.00
Fender 1953 P-BASS 1953 Precision Bass with Blonde Finish (used) Photos available 11000.00
Flores, Ruben FL100 Classical with Solid Cedar and Mahogany (used) 375.00
G&l G&L CASE G&G Hardshell Case for Legacy/ASAT - Black (used) 169.95
Gibson LP STUDIO FADE 2011 Les Paul Studio in Faded Brown Mahogany (used) Photos available 699.00
Gibson F-25 1964 "Folksinger" Small Body Steel String with K&K (used) Photos available 1495.00
Gibson 1955 EM-150 1955 A-Style F-Hole Mandolin with P-90 Pickup (used) Photos available 1895.00
Gibson ES-125 1956 ES-125 Archtop Hollowbody with Dog Ear P-90 (used) Photos available 1995.00
Gibson ES-150 1953 17" Archtop Hollowbody with Dog Ear P-90 (used) Photos available 2995.00
Gibson LES PAUL DELUX 1983 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop (used) Photos available 2995.00
Gibson L-5 CES 2013 17" Archtop Hollowbody in Natural (used) Photos available 9500.00
Gibson LP SPECIAL 1957 Les Paul Special in TV Yellow (used) Photos available 9500.00
Godin USEDMULTIACGC 2012 Multiac SA Grand Concert with Synth Access (used) Photos available 1195.00
Goodall, James 000 GEIB CASE 12 Fret 000 Geib-style Case (used) 250.00
Goodall, James MP-14 2001 Parlor with Red Cedar and Flamed Maple (used) Photos available 5500.00
Hill, Kenny PERFORMANCE SP Performance Series Double Top with Lattice Bracing (used) Photos available 5495.00
Hofner 500/2 (C.1965) Club Bass with Sunburst Finish (used) Photos available 2395.00
Kohno, Masaru 1976 KOHNO 30 Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 3750.00
Kohno, Masaru KOHNO 30 Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 5295.00
Lowden, George USED F-25C 2018 Medium Body Cutaway with Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 4495.00
Lowden, George S35C 12-FRET 12-Fret Small Body Cutaway with Redwood and Koa (used) Photos available 6595.00
Lowe, Wade LOWE 8-STRING 1972 8-String Classical with 665mm Scale (used) Photos available 2695.00
Marshall MG412ACF MG Series 120-watt 4x12" Extension Cabinet (used) 200.00
Marshall DSL100H DSL Series 100 Watt 2-Channel Tube Head (used) 795.00
Martin, C.F. USED 12C310CE Martin Hardshell Case for 00 Size Guitar (used) 95.00
Martin, C.F. USED S-1 UKE Soprano Ukulele with all Solid Mahogany (used) Photos available 350.00
Martin, C.F. USED HD-28 Standard Series Rosewood Dreadnought (used) Photos available 2195.00
Martin, C.F. D-35S 12-Fret Dreadnought with Rosewood and Spruce & P/U (used) Photos available 2295.00
Martin, C.F. USED D18 1969 Dreadnought with Mahogany and Spruce (used) Photos available 3395.00
Martin, C.F. D-45 CUSTOM Custom Shop D-45 with Madagascar and Adirondack (used) Photos available 12000.00
Martin, Mario T-STYLE BLONDE Mario Martin T-Style in Blonde (used) Photos available 2100.00
Msg DREAD CASE Flat Top Hardshell Dreadnought Case (used) Photos available 69.99
Msg CASE COVER CL Padded Case Cover for Classical or OM Size Guitars (used) 75.00
Msg ATCLASS CASE Arched Top Hardshell Classical Case (used) 79.95
Msg CUSTOM SQUIER Maple Street Modified Squier Stratocaster (used) 375.00
Oldfield USED CLUB KING Club King 40 Watt Combo Amplifier (used) Photos available 1550.00
Pardo, A. Raya PARDO SPRUCE Classical with European Spruce And Rosewood (used) Photos available 4500.00
Perry, Daryl PERRY 8-STRING 2002 8-String Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 6995.00
Rein, Thomas REIN I.R.S. 1998 Classical with Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 3995.00
Rein, Thomas REIN SPR/BRW 1993 Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 6500.00
Santa Cruz COWBOY SINGER 2012 Don Edwards Cowboy Singer all Mahogany 00 (used) Photos available 4400.00
Tacoma AJF22C 1999 Archtop Hollowbody with Benedetto S-6 Pickup (used) Photos available 1395.00
Taylor USED DN3 Used 300-series Dreadnought W/case (used) Photos available 895.00
Taylor USED GC8 Grand Concert with Rosewood and Spruce and Pickup (used) Photos available 1750.00
Taylor GC-KOA 2012 GC with Koa and Spruce and Abalone Trim (used) Photos available 2595.00
Taylor 814CE-N 2018 Grand Auditorium Nylon String with ES-N (used) Photos available 2895.00
Taylor PSGA BRAZILIAN Presentation Series GA with Brazilian Rosewood (used) Photos available 8195.00
Xcase XCASE MIXER Road Case for Mixing Board (used) 175.00
Yamaha YAMAHA FG830 Dreadnought with Solid Spruce Top (used) Photos available 249.95
Yamaha USED CPX 900 Medium Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic/Electric (used) Photos available 550.00
Yamaha FG180 - 50TH 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Dreadnought (used) Photos available 695.00

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