Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

Acoustic Pickups

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K&k TRINONBOARD Onboard Trinity Active Dual-Source Pickup Photos available 332.00
K&k TRINITY PRO Mic & Internal P/u W/phase Adjustment 319.00
K&k POWERMIX MINI PowerMix Mini Pure XT System Photos available 309.00
Fishman PRO-MAL-EL2 Ellipse Matrix Blend Pickup for Split Saddle Photos available 299.95
L.R. Baggs M80 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup Photos available 249.00
Schertler LYDIA EQ CL Lydia Pickup with EQ System for Classical Guitar Photos available 239.00
Fishman PRO-M30-0MA M-300 Archtop Mandolin Pickup Photos available 229.95
K&k PURE MINI VINT Pure Mini with Vintage Jack Stainless Steel Photos available 222.00
K&K Sound POWERMIX UPGR Powermix Pure Upgrade XT for Pure Western Mini 217.00
K&K Sound PUREMINIVINTEB Pure Mini Vintage Jack Ebony Photos available 210.00
L.R. Baggs DSELEMENT Pickup and Microphone with Onboard Preamp Photos available 209.99
Fishman PRO-ARC-TOP Archtop Guitar Pickup Photos available 209.95
Fishman PRO-RES-SPI Resophonic Spider Split Bridge Pickup 209.95
Fishman PRO-MAL-INF Matrix Infinity System for Split Saddles Photos available 199.95
Schertler LYDIA CL Under-Saddle Pickup For Nylon String Photos available 199.00
Fishman PRO-M20-0MA Professional Mandolin Pickup Photos available 189.95
Fishman PRO-REP-BAN Banjo Pickup Photos available 179.95
Fishman PRO-REP-102 Humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Pickup Photos available 175.95
Misi ACOUST TRIO VT Acoustic Trio with Volume and Tone Controls Photos available 159.00
Fishman PRO-MAK-INF Matrix Infinity System for Ukulele Photos available 149.95
Fishman PRO-MAN-INF Matrix Infinity Pickup w/Volume and Tone Controls Photos available 149.95
L.R. Baggs EAS-VTC Element Pickup System with Volume & Tone Controls Photos available 149.00
L.R. Baggs FIVE.O Active Ukulele Pickup System Photos available 149.00
Fishman PRO-RES-NBA Resophonic Biscuit Bridge Pickup Photos available 139.95
K&k DEFINITY SYST Definity System Floating Bridge Pickup Photos available 137.00
K&k PWMINIVOL Passive Transducer System with Volume Control Photos available 134.00
L.R. Baggs EAS Undersaddle Active Pickup with Volume Control Photos available 129.00
K&k BANJOTWIN Passive Transducer System for Banjo Photos available 105.00
Fishman PRO-AGO-UKE Passive Pickup for Ukulele Photos available 99.95
K&k MANDTWIN Mandolin Pickup System Photos available 99.00
K&k PURE12STRING Passive Transducer System for 12-String Guitar Photos available 99.00
K&k PWMINI Passive Transducer System for Steel String Guitar Photos available 99.00
Fishman PRO-NEO-D02 Humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Pickup Photos available 89.95
K&k FANTASTICK WES FanTaStick Western Undersaddle Transducer Photos available 89.00
K&k PRBB Passive Transducer for Biscuit Bridge Resophonics Photos available 88.00
K&k ALOHA TWIN Dual-Head Internal Pickup For Ukulele Photos available 79.00
K&k PRSB Passive Transducer for Spider Bridge Resophonics Photos available 72.00
K&k TWINSPOT Dual Transducer System Photos available 56.00
K&k ADDONVOL Volume Controller for K&K Pickup Systems Photos available 46.00
K&k HOTSPOT Passive Transducer 38.00
Fishman ACC-AG1-4PN Switchjack 4-Pin Switching Stereo Endpin Jack Photos available 21.95

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