Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

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Eastman CUSTOM AR905CE Custom Edition Archtop Cutaway in Pomona Burst Photos available 7500.00
Collings I35LC DLX MERL Deluxe 15" Semi-Hollowbody with Merlot Finish 5265.00 On Order
Collings I-35LC DK CHSB 15" Semi-Hollowbody with Dark Cherry Sunburst 4500.00 On Order
Collings I35LCCHERRY 15" Semi-Hollowbody with Faded Cherry Finish Photos available 4500.00 On Order
Collings I-35LC TSB 15" Semi-Hollowbody with Tobacco Sunburst Finish Photos available 4450.00
Collings CL BRBURST City Limits with Brock Burst Finish Photos available 4095.00
Collings USED CL DLX FC City Limits Deluxe in Faded Cherry with ThroBaks (used) Photos available 3695.00
Gibson SG SPECIAL 1997 SG Special in Black (used) Photos available 3495.00
Collings 290 PELHAM BLU 290 in Pelham Blue with Pearloid Pickguard 3465.00 On Order
Fender 60S RELIC 2014 NAMM 60s Strat Heavy Relic in Ocean Turquoise (used) Photos available 3295.00
Collings 290DC FAD CRIM Double Cutaway with Faded Crimson Finish and P-90 3218.00 On Order
Collings 290ORANGE 290 with Burnt Orange Finish Photos available 3015.00 On Order
Collings 290TVYELLOW 290 with TV Yellow Finish Photos available 3015.00 On Order
Fender LUSH PM STRAT 2017 Custom Shop Lush Closet Classic Postmodern Strat (used) 2995.00 NEW
Gibson LES PAUL CUST Les Paul Custom in Black (used) 2295.00
Anderson, Tom CUSTOM CLASSIC Custom Classic Model in Burgundy Mist (used) Photos available 2150.00
Fender 0114001752 American Elite Stratocaster in Tobacco Sunburst Photos available 2049.99
Fender 0110140802 American Original '60s Tele in Lake Placid Blue Photos available 1999.99
Fender 0113602703 Eric Johnson Signature Thinline Strat - Sunburst Photos available 1999.99
Fender 0114312762 American Elite Telecaster Thinline in Mystic Ice Photos available 1999.99
Eastman T146SM-SB 16" Thinline Hollowbody with Sunburst Finish Photos available 1999.00
Fender 0110120805 American Original '60s Strat in Olympic White Photos available 1949.00
Eastman T185MX-BD 15" Thinline Hollowbody with Natural Finish Photos available 1919.00
G&l DOHENY FULLRED Offset with Custom MFD Jazz Pickups in Red Photos available 1899.99
G&l BLUESBOY CUST ASAT Classic Bluesboy in Spanish Copper Metallic Photos available 1849.99
Eastman SB59/V-GB Single Cut Solid Body with Antique Gold Burst 1839.00 On Order
G&l BLUESBOY90CUST ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 in Tobacco Sunburst Photos available 1795.00
Eastman SB57/N-BK Single Cut Solid Body in Black w/Lollar Imperials 1759.00 On Order
Eastman T184MX-CS 14" Thinline Hollowbody with Classic Finish Photos available 1640.00 On Order
Eastman SB56/N-GD Single Cut Solid Body w/Vintage Gold Nitro Finish 1599.00 On Order
Eastman T64/V-GB 16" Thinline with P-90s and Bigsby in Antique Gold Photos available 1599.00 On Order
Fender USED ELITE HSS 2016 American Elite Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker (used) Photos available 1599.00
Fender 0170227750 2018 Ltd Ed American Pro Tele with Shawbucker Photos available 1549.99
G&l ASAT CL CUSTOM ASAT Classic with Blonde Finish Photos available 1549.99
Eastman T59/V 16" Thinline with Antique Varnish Finish 1519.00 On Order
Fender 0113012747 American Pro Stratocaster in Sienna Sunburst Photos available 1499.99
Fender 0113092785 American Professional Jazzmaster in Seafoam Green Photos available 1499.99
G&l LEGACY SBLUE Legacy in Sonic Blue Photos available 1499.99
G&l LEGACY-TANG Legacy in Tangerine Metallic Photos available 1499.99
G&l ASAT CLASS OLS ASAT Classic OLS with Basswood in Shoreline Gold Photos available 1495.00
G&l ASAT ALNICO LH Left-Handed ASAT Classic Alnico in Sonic Blue (used) Photos available 1450.00
Fender 0113010705 American Pro Stratocaster in Olympic White Photos available 1449.99
Fender 0113060705 American Professional Telecaster in Olympic White Photos available 1449.99
Eastman SB59-GB Single Cut Solid Body with Gold Burst Finish Photos available 1439.00
Fender 0113012706 American Professional Stratocaster in Black Photos available 1399.99
Fender 0113012748 American Professional Stratocaster in Sonic Grey Photos available 1399.99
Fender 0113062706 American Professional Telecaster in Black Photos available 1399.99
G&l LEGACY EM BLUE Legacy in Emerald Blue Photos available 1237.50
G&l FALLOUT BELAIR Fallout with Swamp Ash in Belair Green Photos available 1200.00
Eastman T486B-SB 16" Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody with Bigsby Tailpiece Photos available 1199.00 On Order
Fender FLORAL TELE Blue Floral Telecaster Made in Japan (used) Photos available 1095.00
Fender 0115800346 American Special Tele in Sherwood Green Metallic Photos available 1049.99
Eastman T486-RD 16" Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody with Red Finish Photos available 1039.00 On Order
Eastman T486-SB 16" Thinline Semi-Hollowbody with Sunburst Finish Photos available 1039.00 On Order
Fender 0115600372 American Special Stratocaster in Sonic Blue Photos available 999.99
Fender 0140602789 60th Anniversary Classic Player '50s Stratocaster Photos available 999.99
Fender 5561260300 FSR 12-String Stratocaster in 3-Color Sunburst 899.99 On Order
Fender 5561260305 FSR 12-String Stratocaster in Olympic White 899.99 On Order
Fender 0137000321 Classic Series '70s Stratocaster in Natural Photos available 849.99
Supro 2032FB Island Series Hampton Baritone in Djent Black Photos available 829.00
Fender 0141513372 Classic Player Baja '60s Tele in Faded Sonic Blue Photos available 824.99
Fender 0141603306 Classic Player Jazzmaster Special in Black Photos available 824.99
Fender 0141902338 Classic Player Telecaster with Black Dove Pickups Photos available 799.99
Supro 2022MN Island Series Westbury Baritone w/Satin Mahogany Photos available 799.00
Supro 2030JB-U Island Series Hampton in Jet Black Photos available 799.00
Supro 2020BM-U Island Series Westbury in Blue Metallic Photos available 699.00
Paul Reed Smith SE CUSTOM S/H Custom 22 Semi-Hollow with TV Jones Pickup (used) Photos available 675.00
Fender 0144503519 Player Series Stratocaster in Sage Green Metallic Photos available 674.99
Fender 0144503525 Player Series Stratocaster in Sonic Red Photos available 674.99
Fender 0144502515 Player Series Stratocaster in Polar White Photos available 649.99
Fender 0144613552 Standard Series Strat Plus Top in Sunburst Photos available 624.99
Fender 0144602506 Standard Series Stratocaster in Black Photos available 599.99
Fender 0145102509 Standard Series Telecaster in Candy Apple Red Photos available 599.99
Fender 0145102532 Standard Series Telecaster in Brown Sunburst Photos available 599.99
Supro 2010AW-U Island Series Jamesport in Vintage White Photos available 599.00
G&l TRIB ASAT CLBB Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy in 3-Tone Sunburst Photos available 539.99
G&l TRIB ASAT ORAN Tribute Series ASAT Classic in Translucent Orange Photos available 539.99
G&l TRIBASCGTS-BLK Tribute Series Ascari GTS in Transparent Black Photos available 539.99
Fender 0144043556 Offset Series Mustang in Shell Pink Photos available 524.99
Fender 0144012582 Offset Series Duo-Sonic in Capri Orange Photos available 499.99
Fender 0144042598 Offset Series Mustang in Olive Photos available 499.99
G&l TRIB LEGACY SG Tribute Series Legacy in Surf Green Photos available 499.99
G&l TRIB ASAT JRII Tribute Series ASAT Junior II in Trans Red Photos available 469.99
Fender 0301060541 Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster in Vintage White Photos available 449.99
Fender 0303035521 Classic Vibe Thinline Telecaster in Mahogany Photos available 449.99
Fender 0303101509 Squier Deluxe Jazzmaster in Candy Apple Red Photos available 449.99
Fender 0304000506 Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster Black Photos available 449.99
Epiphone WILDKAT Semi-Hollow Body with Alnico V-90s and Bigsby B70 (used) Photos available 425.00
Fender 0302000557 Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar in Seafoam Green Photos available 399.99
Fender 0321222565 Squier Contemporary Tele HH in Black Metallic Photos available 349.99
Fender 0301618032 Affinity Package with Tele in Brown Sunburst 299.99 On Order
Fender USED SQUIER HH Dk Met Red Contemporary Strat (used) Photos available 275.00
Fender 0301812006 Affinity Pack with Short Scale Strat - Black Photos available 225.00
Fender 0310602506 Affinity Series Stratocaster in Black Photos available 199.99
Fender 0370200592 Affinity Series Telecaster in Race Green Photos available 199.00
Fender 0310121570 Squier Mini Stratocaster in Pink (V.2) Photos available 149.99
Fender 0310121558 Squier Mini Stratocaster in Torino Red (V.2) Photos available 149.95

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